Roster Update: Overwatch

As much as we play to win, sometimes we fall short of that mark. Being able to adapt when the going gets tough is massively important result to Breakaway. As a result, heading into the season four Contenders trials, we’ll be placing all positions on trial, and saying farewell to a part of our Overwatch squad.

We’d like to thank babyporo, Volonte, SlidzorJ, and Ackyyy for their commitment in the last four months. We’re wishing nothing but the best of luck to these players, and are excited to see how they can continue their careers in and out of Overwatch.

JJJJ, F0R, Trisimail, Dfield and Jervisss will remain with the team as they retrial for their positions, but have been given the freedom to explore any other opportunities in the upcoming weeks.

We’re excited to see what this next period in the Breakaway Overwatch journey brings us, and are determined to rise to new heights!

If you’d like to express your interest in playing for the Overwatch squad, please email [email protected]