Breakaway Esports Enters Overwatch

Breakaway have continued expanding into Oceanic esports by picking up an Overwatch roster to go alongside their current CS:GO, Tekken, FIFA and Hearthstone lineups. Formerly of Tainted Minds, the roster led by Solomon “JJJJ” Spearitt have put up strong results this year, placing Top 8 in the second season of Australian Overwatch Contenders after a commanding performance in the Trials prior. As a result, the squad has lined itself and Breakaway up for the upcoming season starting this November.

Speaking to team captain JJJJ about what it’s like joining Breakaway, he said this


Its been really good, it’s nice having an org that does really appear to care and how involved and upfront Sheep has been has been great and a breath of fresh air. I want the org to become a stable org in the scene, so when people think of OCE Overwatch, Breakaway is one of the names you think of and I personally would love to be part of that



With JJJJ as captain, the rest of the team consists of Tristian “Trisimail” Ismail playing main tank, Andrews “SlidzorJ” Luke and Daniel “Dfield” Banfield in the DPS position as well as Serena “babyporo” Barnett and Alston “Jervisss” Xiong as supporting, the former flexing and the latter maining .

The roster is shaping up to be a team that can contend on the Oceanic stage. The team is joined by William “Volonte” McCallum as a substitute and will be coached by Tylor “Typhoon” Hammond. Supporting the team, Blake “Zeror’ Mitchell will be fill the berth of team manager at Breakaway, to ensure the roster are in the best possible position to succeed.

Breakaway GM Freddie “Sheep” Tresidder had a few comments on the acquisition.


Overwatch has been on our radar since day 1, and when the opportunity arose to acquire the Tainted Minds squad it was a no brainer. The team has settled in really well and they’re all wonderful to work with, and both I and the rest of the Breakaway organisation are looking forward to producing more results for the rest of 2018 and into 2019.”

With Season 3 of Contenders kicking in the middle of November, make sure to stay tuned to all Breakaway’s social media to keep up with the latest from the squad as they train for the year’s final season.

You can follow the team and all the players on their Twitter here: