Match Preview: LPL Pro 2019 Round 3

Week 2 wasn’t the clean victory that #BES were expecting, and up against the second team on the table, this is our opportunity too put ourselves two wins away from the majority of the competition. With Ground Zero taking wins against Athletico Esports (Week 1) and Genuine Gaming (Week 2) they’ll come in confident in taking a third win onto the board as playoffs qualification draws closer and closer.

Ground Zero

Year old operators in the CS:GO ecosystem, the Perth-based organization has found a mix of success and failure in their tenure. Although they’ve built a roster establishing themselves as a strong player, they’ve never been able to break through a fifth place finish and make a real crack at the top four. Familiar with a part of our lineup, Breakaway’s own Jared “HaZR” O’Bree had a brief two week stint in the squad before his time kicked off at Avant Garde.

What’s their current form?

Currently sitting second and sixth in the #LPLPro and the #ESEAMDL respectively, Ground Zero’s performances have met their ambitions so far in 2019. Early in the season however, it’s hard to tell exactly what the year will have in store for the squad. In saying that, there’s no discounting their performances, having only dropped two matches in their last 10 (against ICON & Avant Gaming) they’re looking stronger than ever. As a result, the #BES CS:GO squad will have to approach this matchup as one that’ll be as tough as it gets. And with their latest addition to the squad, they’ll be rearing to take a result against us tonight.

New Player?

One to watch this matchup is the newest addition to the Perth team, MoeyCQ, after shooter NikkeZ recently departed the lineup. As a former LPL and ESL AUNZ champion, he’ll bring the experience Ground Zero have been seemingly after to elevate their squad to the next level. They’ll be hoping that both his online and offline experience will be the catalyst for the teams success this season, and that he’ll be able to assimilate himself into the team environment in the midst of a very busy season.

Who are we relying on?

One thing a matchup between Breakaway and Ground Zero always delivers, is a massive performance from our young Australian shooter HaZR. The aforementioned former GZ man, consistently switches on the power when called for.

HaZR is Mr. Reliable for Breakaway

For what promises to be a thriller, make sure you catch all of the action tonight as our match kicks off from 10PM NZDT (8PM AEDT) tonight. Tune in at the LPL/CG Twitch to catch all of the shots and make sure to follow Breakaway Esports on Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest from #BES.