Match Preview: LPL Pro 2019 Round 2

Off the back of a dominant performance against the ex-Paradox lineup in week 1, we’re headed into week 2 full of confidence as our sights are set on holding onto the top spot. Athletico are set to be a totally different breed, and we’re going to take a dive into the team’s history and what everyone should be watching out for.

Athletico, or should we call them the wizards?

Off the back of a solid 2018 season, MadLikeWizards were the most exciting free-agents in the market, and it was only a matter of time before a team jumped at the opportunity to bring them on board. As it turns out, Athletico were on the hunt for the squad, and it was the perfect match for the brand to make their re-entry into CSGO since their exit in May of last year. Historically, the squad (consisting at the core of Dezibel, JD, Chelleos, and ADK) performed well against all of those outside of the top 4, pulling together multiple performances against teams close to them in the power rankings. The team however never managed to break a top 4 side, and occasionally dropped matches unexpectedly.

How’re they playing at the moment?

The start to 2019 hasn’t been the rosy start that Athletico would’ve been aiming for however, as from the 15 matches they’ve played since bringing on the roster, 7 of those have been wins. That doesn’t sounds too rough at first, but taking into consideration that two of those victories have come from forfeits puts the Athletico squad at a 38% winrate so far this year (at the time of publishing). On top of that, four of the played victories have come from teams outside of the top 8, with Athletico falling at the hands of Avant Gaming, ex-Paradox, and Breakaway. Last week also so a tough start for the squad as they began their LPL 2019 journey, as they were pushed aside by Ground Zero Gaming 9 to 16.

One to Watch: Luke “Llamas” Merchant

We’ll be looking to Llamas for a strong performance this Thursday, who has a history of switching it on in this matchup.


The notorious sharp shooter, Llamas, will be looking to apply the pressure on Thursday night to put #BES CSGO at 2-0 as we continue our charge in the LPL PRO League. January didn’t bring the performances fans had gotten used to, but February has brought on a new level as he continues refine his play. Well versed against the Athletico side, we’ll be looking out for a top showing to take our squad over the line into the next week of competition.

The action kicks off tomorrow night from 9PM NZDT (7PM AEDT) with our matchup being the third of the day. Tune in at the LPL/CG Twitch to catch all of the shots and make sure to follow Breakaway Esports on Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest from #BES.