Match Preview: LPL Pro 2019 Round 1

As the ex-Paradox continue to ride a high from their win at the LPL Studios late last month, we’ll be looking to break them down again notch up a win as we kick off our LPL Pro 2019 season. With a 4-1 record against the opposition, we’ll be looking to continue our run as we bounce from strength to strength in our rapid start to 2019.

ex-Paradox Origins

Under the banner for just under four months, the lineup surged their way to becoming noticed by the core of Australasian CSGO competitors. From strong results in the MDL and Instafrag Premier League, they quickly established themselves as a forced to be reckoned with.

The end of 2018 brought their first major challenge, as they found themselves playing for the gold medal in the Instafrag Premier League, only to fall short in the grand final than none other than Breakaway. This would prove to be no obstacle, as they charged their way towards the CGPL Masters in late January. Through a nail biting set of Bo1’s, Bo3’s and one grueling Bo5, the squad consisting of keeyto, Chub, Valiance, sibe and Noobster finally made their mark, taking home first place and the lions share of a $10,000 prize pool.

How’re they doing?

Outside of their win at the CGPL Masters, 2019 hasn’t been totally the year that the squad would’ve been after. With some upsets in the MDL as they started their 2019 campaign, uncharacteristic losses against R!OT & MC Esports plagued their otherwise stunning start to the year. However they aren’t to be underestimated, with a win up their sleeve against us, they are a potential force to be reckoned with, and the BES lineup will have to have their wits about them to secure the win.


Noisia always applies the pressure in the matchup, can he pull out another performance? Stats via


One to Watch: Andy “Noobster” Zhang

Although he’s no Dickstacyy, Noobster needs no introduction to anyone familiar with the local ecosystem. Almost any strong performance from the team is mirrored with a dominating scoreline from Zhang, as he wrecks havoc when teams are ahead. A high level competitor going on his third year, Noobster will utilize his experience both with the game and against ex-teammate J1rah to take his team to the next level.


The action kicks off tonight from 10PM NZDT (8PM AEDT) with our matchup being the third of the day. Tune in at the LPL Twitch to catch all of the shots and make sure to follow Breakaway Esports on Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest from #BES.