Breakaway Enters Hearthstone

Amongst other esports, Breakaway has entered the card game genre, picking a New Zealand Hearthstone talent in Jack “Jakattack” Gifford. He burst onto the scene early this year, ripping through the Hearthstone Championship Tour stop in Sydney to take it out completely undefeated. Not only does he claim that impressive feat, in competitive play he is also undefeated, sporting an 8/0/0 record.

As part of Team New Zealand, Jakattack recently qualified for the Hearthstone Global Games at BlizzCon 2018, claiming victory over Singapore in the final game to take their spot. Looking to continue his slew of victories, he’s jetting off to another HCT stop, this time in Oslo, Norway looking to secure a Top 8 spot and once more put New Zealand on the map.

As one of the first signed Hearthstone players in New Zealand, Jakattack had a few things to say, both about his upcoming trip and being part of Breakaway.

So I’m on my first big international trip with Breakaway so that’s already a big change since joining the org. Most ones in New Zealand and Australia don’t have the resources to send a Hearthstone player overseas. It’s a pretty huge deal because going to overseas tour stops is important in Hearthstone and it’s the only way to compete with the big boys in Europe and America.”

He’s also fit immediately in with the Breakaway family, commenting on what it’s been like so far.

Well it’s certainly great to be playing under a professional sports organization, with the added security and resources at their disposal. I hope to put them to good use and make a mark on the Hearthstone majors with the goal of making it to a championship.”

Hearthstone is one of those esports that often lingers behind the big titles such as CS:GO or League of Legends, but speaking to Breakaway’s GM, Freddie “sheepOCE” Tresidder, helped explain the new organizations decision to branch out into Hearthstone.

The overall aim for Breakaway Esports is to have players and teams representing us in as many of the premier competitions that we can, so deciding to recruit Jack was a no brainer. Kicking off his journey at the HCT tour stop in Oslo, we’re ready to put him in the position to both succeed personally, but also put New Zealand on the global stage in Hearthstone.”

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