Hype & Serpennt head to the big stage in the Big Apple

On Friday night, history happened. Serpennt and Hype qualified for the Fortnite World Cup Finals, the biggest Fortnite tournament on the planet. The duo will fly to New York in July and go toe-to-toe with some of the best Fortnite players the world has ever seen. We caught up with the lads to chat about their monumental achievement.

Let’s start from the start. Talk us through the last qualifying match, what was your strategy going in?

Serpennt: Our approach was to keep calm and play exactly like our previous games. We had placed top 5 with quite a few kills in every other game, so we didn’t think there was any reason to change what we were doing.

Hype: We were already coming first on the leaderboard so we just had to play the same as before, stay focused, and not do any risky plays.


At what point did you know you’d won?

Serpennt: We knew we’d won when @hype clutched the last game, getting 10 kills along with my 7 kills. We were 99% sure that no one could top us after that game.

Hype: When I clutched the last game with 10 kills and we came 2nd, I knew surely that would qualify us for New York.


Tell us about the moment the round had finished. You’d come first and qualified for New York. What was going through your minds?

Serpennt: I could barely believe that we actually won, I was so excited I didn’t know what to think.

Hype: I just couldn’t believe it had happened. It was a ‘dream come true’ moment for sure.


You guys have been grinding away and putting in the hard yards. How did it feel to know the work has all paid off?

Serpennt: Knowing that all the time we have put into the game has paid off is the best feeling. It’s like a combo of relief and happiness really.

Hype: I’m so glad the grinding has finally paid off, and that playing Fortnite while I procrastinated about Uni work was worth it in the end.


So your places are booked for the tournament in NY. How do you prepare for one of the most significant moments of your career?

Serpennt: All we can do is make the most of the practise we get in OCE, and review as many games from other World Cup players as we can.

Hype: We’ll continue our grind through daily scrims, but also prepare some new strategies. I reckon the World Cup will be a lot different to the OCE play style.


And lastly, there’s a $40m prize pool up for grabs at the World Cup Finals. What would it mean to you to take out the whole tournament?

Serpennt: To take out the whole tournament would be completely life-changing, I don’t even know what I would do if that were to happen.

Hype: It would be absolutely insane to take out the whole tournament. A major achievement for myself personally and I would be able to stream full time after that.


We wish the duo luck on their travels and can’t wait to see how they go on the big stage. Get out there and smash it, lads.


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