BES CSGO Roster Update

As we reset following our 2nd place finish in the IEM Sydney Derby and as a result missed out on one of the two regional spots available at Qudos Bank Arena, we bid farewell to our long-standing IGL and founding Breakaway CSGO rifler. Jireh “J1rah” Youakim and Jared “HaZR” O’Bree are now moving into free agency and we wish nothing but the best for the two players. These two played a pivotal part in the rosters growth from near the bottom of the Australasian Counter Strike ladder and into the top 4 positions in the region.

First off just wanted to say a big thanks to the boys, I’ve really enjoyed the 9 or so months I spent with them. Although we didn’t achieve as much as we could’ve, I’ve progressed so much as a player since I joined and I’m really grateful for that. Thanks to Breakaway for taking care of us, definitely one of the better orgs I have been a part of. I wish the team good luck and hope they can achieve good things. As for me, I’m extremely excited to see what my future holds

Jared “HaZR” O’Bree


Just wanted to say a big thanks to Breakaway especially Freddie and Matt, they treated us like family and are a great organization and I wish them nothing but the best. As for the rest of the lads over the past 6 or so months its been my pleasure to play with a great bunch of teammates and I got nothing but love for them, I know they have great potential they just have to unlock it. And has for my future I’m very excited to see what it has in store.

Jireh “J1rah” Youakim

With two matches to kick off Season 31 of the Australian Mountain Dew League tonight, we’ve been lucky enough to have Nelson “Keeyto” Then and Matthew “Valiance” Hartrick filling in from Paradox Gaming, we’d like to extend our gratitude to Ryan and the team at Paradox for allowing them to help us out tonight.

Expect an announcement in the coming weeks with the future plans for Breakaway Esports CSGO as we prepare for the rest of 2019 to come.


It’s been an absolute privilege to be able to work with Jireh and Jared as we got Breakaway off the ground. Not only have they been terrific teammates and competitors, but also are incredibly kind and committed people. We’ll definitely miss their antics in the Dojo, and I can’t wait to see them progress further through their careers.

Freddie “sheepOCE” Tresidder, General Manager