Dropping In: Breakaway Fortnite

Breakaway is excited to announce the latest addition to the #BES Family! As the most popular game and fastest growing esport in 2018, Breakaway is excited to enable our roster to new heights in the CPL, regional competitions, and put OCE on the global stage.

Ben “Bitty” Stelling, Kalan “Serpennt” Jarvis, Matthew “Colt” Ma and Jason “Hype” Chui are the four players that have joined as our Fortnite squad, and will be alongside Ryan “Barn” Barnhill as the team’s substitute and Glenn “Justglenn” Young as the team’s manager.

Serpennt had this to say about joining Breakaway

“I’m really excited to be joining Breakaway, we have all been waiting for an opportunity like this and I can’t wait to see what happens in 2019 with the Breakaway Fortnite team.”

Breakaway manager Freddie “Sheep” Tresidder also commented on the acquisition.

As we continue to lay the foundations for Breakaways ever-growing pro roster, Fortnite was always on the horizon as something we wanted to take part in. For us though, we had to do it justice, and we’re confident that with this squad we’ve found not only a talented group of individuals, but also a collection of like-minded players that embody everything that our team and brand stands for”

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