DanBanter heads to BAM11

On the 18th of May, DanBanter will take to the stage and feature in one of the biggest events on the Australasian Tekken calendar. We caught up with him as he made his preparations for Melbourne’s BAM11.


Q: Your year’s gone well so far, what’s been the biggest highlight?

A: For this year, I think winning WAR 2019 takes it. It’s NZ’s first TWT dojo event and taking it out was the best feeling.


Q: You’ve made it to BAM. How did you find the qualification process?

A: I wasn’t thinking too much about qualifying to get a free trip to BAM, and potentially EVO later on, I just played hard like I always do.


Q: How do you prepare for an event like BAM?

A: I look at the entrants, and if pools get released early, I study the players that I think will be the biggest threat. Training with fellow NZ Tekken players also helps.


Q: You’ve been to some pretty big comps recently, how does BAM compare?

A: As you know already, BAM11 is a TWT Master’s Event so it is quite the real deal itself. In the end, it’s all great for gaining experience overall.


Q: How does playing away from home affect your performance?

A: I guess it’s the atmosphere and the environment, the whole set up is so unique. Watching other people I’m unfamiliar with while waiting to be called up for my match is a completely different feeling. That’s something that I can work on as I get more experience overseas.


Q: What’s the Tekken Community like? Do you have any support over in Melbourne?

A: The Tekken Community here is great. Everyone is really supportive of each other and everyone helps each other out with figuring in-game things. I don’t know about having support in Melbourne, the friends I have over there ones I met through Tekken, so if anything they are my rivals.


Q: How do you rate your chances of being crowned champion?

A: BAM11 is quite a stacked tournament, a lot of killers from overseas will be there. Out of 10, I’d rate my chances a solid 5.


Q: So if you win BAM, you go to compete in Vegas right? Tell us about that end goal. What would that mean to you?

A: There is a side event that’s been happening from early this year called ‘BamPathToEvo’ with its own leader board, and to get on that leader board, you need points. To qualify, you need to be the highest seed from your region. There are 4 different regions: New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and New Zealand. There will also be a last chance qualifier and so the winner of that will also be put into the bracket along with the top seeds from each region. That, and the highest placing ANZ player at BAM will also be in a championship bracket with these top seeded players. From there, the bracket winner will be sent to EVO in Las Vegas. To me, winning this trip to EVO would be a huge milestone achieved, I’ll give it all I’ve got and produce results that I’m satisfied with.


Q: What advice do you have for any budding Tekken players out there?

A: If you haven’t already, go out to your Tekken locals. They will definitely help you improve, I promise. If you already are, then keep on playing, ask questions, build up that experience, you’ll be improving before you know it.


Q: And for all the fans out there, when is your first fight and where can we watch it?

A: I’m first on stage at 12pm (NZST) on the 18th May. All going well I’ll be in the semis that night, plus the finals the next day. Stay tuned on the TEKKEN channel on twitch to make sure you don’t miss it.