BES CSGO Player Setups: Llamas

With the Breakaway CSGO squad in the Dojo currently bootcamping as they fight for a spot in all important upcoming competition IEM Sydney, we caught up with the team to discuss their setups. This is part 1 of 5 of the series, so keep an eye out to see what player is using what! First up we caught up with Luke “Llamas” Merchant.

What keyboard/headset are you using. Any particular reason why?

I use the Corsair K65 Keyboard, mainly just because they have a good name and I wanted a good 10 key-less keyboard.

For my headset I use the Sennheiser GSP600 as they were recommended to me for having good sound quality and compatible with external sound cards like the Zowie Vital etc.

Whats your main mouse/mousepad combo?

My main mouse at the moment is the Zowie EC2-A white edition and for my mousepad the Zowie GSR Special Edition Red. however I am also currently testing out the Artisan FX Zero mousepad which may become my main choice.

You have three mice with you, whats the deal?

While I mainly use the EC2-A some days I just feel like I need a bit of a change-up, so I usually take a few options with me just in case I feel like using something different. In this case I brought a Zowie EC1-A and a Razer Deathadder for the bootcamp.

You’ve also made some modifications to your mice, can you go into detail with what you’ve done?

Yea, basically I’m not a fan of the coating Zowie use on their mice and find them hard to grip after using them for an hour or 2 of use, however their shapes are the best of all gaming mice I have tried, so to counter this I put hockey stick grip tape on the areas of the mouse that I hold to make it easier to grip

Are you super loyal to any brands, if so how come?

I wouldn’t say I’m super loyal to any brand seeing as I’ve used pretty much every well known gaming mouse, however the most success I have found is with Zowie products so if anybody it would be them. In saying that if a new product is launched and suits me better, I won’t hesitate to make the switch.

Whats your mouse sensitivity? How’d you get to it?

For the last year I had been playing on 1.8 sensitivity (in-game) at 400DPI, however I recently changed resolution and sensitivity to copy Magisk from Astralis so now I’m playing 2.0 @400 dpi

Whats the most important thing for you when getting setup at a new PC for LAN/Bootcamp/Events etc.

For me the most important thing is setting up my mousepad with enough space to feel comfortable doing full 360 turns in game, and second to that would be the length of cable in my mouse bungee for the same reason, monitor and keyboard position doesn’t bother me too much.


You can catch all the action with the BES CSGO squad as they fight for the last remaining spot at IEM Sydney by following the squad on Twitter.