The Breakaway Academy is a grassroots initiative that provides a structured pathway for young gamers to build their computing skill set. By utilising the coaching expertise of Breakaway’s professional players, the Academy operates a year-round age-tailored curriculum, aimed at New Zealand’s next generation of competitors.

While the core focus of The Academy is to improve hand-eye coordination and general IT knowledge, we also encourage teamwork, leadership, communication, strategy and decision making. Another major teaching at the Academy is balance, where students learn the importance of nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and fair play.

We’ve designed the Academy to accommodate all ages, with programmes to suit students from Intermediate level through to High School. With curriculum ready for League of Legends, Street Fighter V, Counter Strike:Global Offensive, and Fortnite, the Academy is purpose-built to serve all aspiring competitors.


Esports is more than video games. There are countless similarities between esports and traditional team sports, like communication, teamwork, and strategic thinking. Players also learn what it takes to be in a team, such as turning up on-time, practising regularly, and constructively dealing with a loss.

At Breakaway, we like to highlight the benefits of young people gaming. We believe that when combined with the right nutrition, physical exercise, and stress management, esports is a healthy lifestyle choice. Early research in this area even suggests that young esports competitors graduate from school with an above average education.

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