The Breakaway Academy is a grassroots initiative created to provide a structured pathway for future gamers and children interested in building a strong IT skillset. Utilising the coaching and performance development expertise of the Breakaway professional team, the Academy will operate a year round age-tailored curriculum aimed at New Zealand’s next generation of competitors.

As well as some of the more obvious skills such as hand-eye co-ordination and general IT skills, Esports encourages teamwork, leadership, communication, strategy and decision making. The Breakaway Academy aims to enhance those learnings, as well as reinforcing awareness of the importance of balance, including nutrition, physical activity, mental health and fair play.

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The same skillset a team needs to succeed in more traditional sports are not only encouraged but required in esports. Teams need to communicate, work together, and think strategically to be victorious.

Research has suggested that students who compete in systematic esports competition have exponential positive education outcomes. Esports is a meaningful way to engage the next generation of New Zealanders, and BES will ensure it’s done the right way.

We’ve designed the Academy to fit all ages, with programs starting at an Intermediate school level, all the way through to High School. With curriculum ready for League of Legends, Street Fighter V, Counter Strike:Global Offensive, and Fortnite, the Academy is purpose-built to serve all aspiring competitors.

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