Breakaway is home to New Zealand’s premier esports talent incubator, and one of the premier esports franchises in the world’s largest esports market, the Asia-Pacific, Black Sheep New Zealand.

Our core mission at Breakaway Esports is to facilitate the discovery and education of New Zealand’s next generation of elite gamers. By utilising state-of-the-art equipment and professional training routines, we provide the platform for gamers to springboard their career as a competitive player with direct opportunity to compete under the Black Sheep New Zealand banner.

Origins Of Breakaway

Launched in August 2018, we were founded on a vision that New Zealand will ultimately have its own thriving esports industry, including casual gamers, streamers, creators and viewers.

As a professional sports organisation, we are results-focused, performance-based, and we’re held accountable by measurable success. Through these principals, we can help the next generation of gamers transform into esports athletes.


Featuring state-of-the-art gaming equipment, The Dojo has been custom-built to simulate the conditions of tournament play. This allows our athletes to train as they compete, helping to bridge the gap between practice and game day. The open-plan facility encourages all the necessary ingredients for success, such as collaboration, teamwork, and communication. Our investment in The Dojo proves we’ll let nothing stop us in our relentless pursuit of being the best.