Backed by the SKYCITY Breakers, Breakaway Esports will facilitate the discovery and education of New Zealand’s next generation of gamers. The Breakaway ecosystem will be the ladder that makes a career as an elite competitor a reality for the nation’s best.

As New Zealand’s premier esports organization, Breakaway will provide the tools and structure that ensures success in and out of the game for our competitors. Not just a pro team however, the organization has committed to improving the entire ecosystem for aspiring gamers in New Zealand, with a Youth and Academy system aimed at developing mindful competitors.

Origins Of Breakaway

Traditional sports and esports have more in common than most people can imagine. With the same skills in teamwork, strategy, and individual effort being required across all competitive codes, getting involved in esports was a no-brainer for the SKYCITY Breakers.

Launched in August 2018, Breakaway Esports was founded on the vision on a brighter future for casual gamers, creators, watchers, and competitors. With an ecosystem set to create a measurable ladder of success, the next generation of gamers will evolve into esports athletes.


Breakaway Esports is defined by its standards, where anything except first is last. In order to extract the best results from our players, we have to provide an environment that elevates the atmosphere during training, in and outside of the game.

Featuring state of the art gaming equipment, the Dojo has been created to simulate the conditions of tournament play so our athletes are best prepared for the stage. The open plan facility structure parallels the culture and intentions of our team, encouraging fluid collaboration across all fronts by tearing down walls, both mentally and physically. Universal improvement is our driver, and the Dojo is our way of saying we’ll let nothing stop us in our relentless pursuit of perfection.


A healthy, competitive ecosystem that is required for esports to succeed starts from instilling the right habits in the next generation of competitors.

Through meticulously curated curriculum, to-the-minute scheduling, and state of the art facilities, the Breakaway Academy and Youth programs have been created to educate children and parents of healthy gaming. Fitness first and a balanced lifestyle are at the forefront of each and every lesson in the Breakaway Academy, in order to create not only a growing generation of strong competitors, but adept sportspeople.